MUSIC NEWS: Meg Myers Announces New Album

Photo Credit: Catie Laffoon

After initially teasing fans with with three singles last year, Alt-rock goddess, Meg Myers, has finally unveiled further details surrounding her third studio album, Tzia.

Set for release 24th March via Sumerian RecordsMyers shares how it “is the manifestation of a four-year-long journey of healing, existential awakening, transformation, and rebirth…TZIA is here to question our belief systems and open up our hearts. It is here to inspire us to look beyond the limited lenses we have been programmed to view ourselves and the world so that we can integrate our fears and embrace our sovereignty as the wild, badass, cosmic warriors of light we were born to be.”


To celebrate, she offers a further glimpse into this new chapter with new single Me:

As an epitome of divine feminine energy and advocate for self-exploration, she “wrote ‘Me’ because I needed clarity on what I was feeling about my relationship at the time, and writing is one of my most potent forms of therapy and how I receive messages from the divine. I had been coming up with all these moody songs for so long but I felt this urge to play something more upbeat, angsty, and kinda funky on the guitar. I had this major revelation writing it, where I realised everything I had been looking for in a partner was already inside of me. Which sounds cliche, but it was this very powerful moment where I was finally able to see the depth of myself.

Marking this as the lead single off the record, we can safely say Me not only highlights classic Myers tendencies, such as her empowering, honest lyricism, the track is an anthem for self-perseverance in the best way.

I am so grateful to be able to share this light and the insights I have gained with you through this exploration and expression of my deepest and most raw and honest feelings that have emerged from this period of self-reflection.

So, be sure you pre-save Tzia HERE.


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