MUSIC NEWS: JAAW Release Debut Single

Photo Credit: Steve Gullick

Post-industrial supergroup, JAAW, have finally announced that their debut album, Supercluster, will be available on all streaming platforms May 26th.

Drawing upon the experimental heaviness of 90s legends like Godflesh and Ministry, JAAW defy standardised structures and social convention with the purpose to “shake lesser rock bands out of their generic complacency. With scant regard for typical verse/chorus/verse formulas”. As can be seen in their lead single, and their official debut, Rot:

Featuring the talents of Andy Cairns (Therapy?), Jason Stoll (Mugstar, KLÄMP, Sex Swing), Wayne Adams (Death Pedals, Big Lad, Petbrick) and Adam Betts (Three Trapped Tigers, Goldie, Squarepusher) the album draws upon hallucinatory horror movies, experimental effects, and Ari Aster’s Midsommar set-pieces, marking this more than a simple record. Co-vocalist Cairns shares how “I feel you could drop the needle at any point on this record and you know where you are with it. To me, it’s like greyscale psychedelia. It’s just this… experience.”

Pre-order Supercluster HERE.

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