MUSIC NEWS: New Single From Satan Takes A Holiday

With the announcement of their upcoming album, Satanism, in April 2023, Satan Takes A Holiday have just dropped their new new single All Nighter feat. Emmon.

Frontman, Fred Burman reveals how All Nighter is a “seductive groove about intrusive voices, lingering ghosts and sleepless nights” and how they “searched far and wide for that other voice to tie in to the themes of the lyrics and when Swedish electro queen Emmon was suggested to us we leapt at the massively intriguing opportunity.” 

Listen for yourself here:

He also shared how “Our vision for the personality and sound for this song required a level of engineering skill and track record Johan Gustafsson (the Hives/Randy) has displayed throughout his career with successful recordings by Sahara Hotnights, Fireside and Viagra Boys. It goes from a cool retro synth strut to an explosive and massive rock chorus and back again and we are beyond pleased with his work on this album and on this song in particular”.

With a video set for release next week, stream the new single HERE.

Until then, catch their video for Feel My Love here:

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