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MUSIC FEATURE: Behind The Noise – Future Palace

Photo Credit: Peter Leukhardt

In the lead up to their sophomore album Run, German post-hardcore trio Future Palace shared a series of enthralling singles and music videos to give us a taste of their new release. We caught up with vocalist Maria and guitarist Manuel to discuss their single Defeating Gravity, including the writing process, themes and stories from behind the scenes. 

Can you give us your quick elevator pitch on this track? Why does this one standout for you?

Manuel: Defeating Gravity combines a mixture of post-hardcore with alternative rock and a catchy pop hook in the chorus. This one really stands out for me as it touches me emotionally like no other track. It just gives me the chills.

How did you tackle the writing process for the song? Was there anything unique about this track compared to your usual/previous approach? 

Manuel: Due to COVID we couldn’t meet during the songwriting process, so I wrote the instrumental and sent it over to Maria to do some vocals on it. Different from the other tracks was that I had been listening to old school emo-core and it definitely transferred into the songwriting. I started with drums instead of guitar riffs or chords on the piano.

Can you tell us how the song’s theme came about?

Maria: The song was written in the pandemic. I just quit a job I didn’t like and just did it to earn some money for doing music and living. I always kept going in life and tried to find other solutions after experiencing a lot of things from a young age, instead of giving myself a break. I really crashed down late-2020/early-2021 and started therapy because my depression was really bad. I noticed how important it is to accept your own limits.

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Tell us about the video, do the themes of the single transfer to the video?

Maria: They do. The balloons and the flying scene are picking up the theme of gravity. All in all it has a rather dark look as the song is also pretty melancholic. Also our looks are adapted to the story, for example my feather eye-lashes are also supposed to pick up the gravity topic, but also the entire album message of Run. All the feather elements are supposed to portray a bird-like creature who just fled from it’s cage (represented in Escape, cage as a symbol for a toxic past).

Do you have any behind the scenes stories from the video shoot?

Maria: It was pretty interesting to make the flying scene work. I had to go into a mountain climbing store and test out the harness. I was a little scared because no one of us were really experienced with the gear. Luckily It worked out, but it was extremely uncomfortable.

Anything else you’d like to add for our readers?

Manuel: We can’t wait to visit the UK and play Defeating Gravity live there!

Future Palace‘s new album Run is out now via Arising Empire, available to stream or purchase HERE

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