VIDEO NEWS: SUNLINER Release ‘Jo, Joni, Mary & Maria’ Music Video

Indie-punk outfit SUNLINER have released a video for their new track Jo, Joni, Mary & Maria.

“(Jo, Joni, Mary & Maria) is a Springsteen-esq getting out of this town, running away to chase dreams-story. Partly inspired by my sister who moved to Edinburgh straight from uni, without knowing anybody there and carving out a new life.” comments vocalist Jake McAllister says. “The sorta coming-of-age realisation that a small town in the middle of nowhere isn’t going to be where your big break, your dream to be a singer, or novel writer, artist, or whatever you wanna be is going to be realised. It’s sorta bitter-sweet. There are all these possibilities out there, it’s not gonna be easy and might not be possible, but at least trying is where it all starts.”

The title of the track references notable women who influenced the track alongside McAllister’s sister. These woman are Jo March of Little Women, Joni Mitchell, Bruce Springsteen’s Mary who was mentioned throughout his tracks and Maria from Counting Crows track Round Here.

Check out the retro movie montage video for the single below!

Like what you hear? Jo, Joni, Mary & Maria is available to stream HERE.

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