VIDEO NEWS: Midwich Cuckoos Release Video For New Single ‘The Ballad of Tanzy Velayne’

Punk-metal crossover band Midwich Cuckoos have shared a video for their new single The Ballad of Tanzy Velayne, taken from their forthcoming Glory EP.

“The song has an uncanny resemblance to personal experiences that I have gone through. The concept of the Rise and Fall for me is basically about how Tanzy—myself—can be quite self-destructive, cold and a tad evil at times, having spent a considerable part of her life making poor choices. Perhaps she refers to these dark choices as the DeeDee of The Band…DeeDee being the evil force, the devil on your shoulder telling you that the wrong things are right,” explains vocalist Tanzy Velayne

Discussing the single and album which sees Velayne wanting to make a change within herself, she adds: “Although you can never change the past, you can always make for a better future, or maybe it’s just a case of embracing the dark side—accepting yourself with your flaws and letting go of your guilt. The struggle is hard but if you keep fighting you will eventually get there or at least inspire others to do better. It takes more power to do good—to do good we sometimes have to sacrifice some parts of ourselves and be selfless at times. There are points in all our lives where we make the wrong choices, and in hindsight, we realise that was not for the benefit of anybody, including ourselves. I think a truly evil person has no sense of guilt, and I think if you do have a sense of guilt you have a conscience.”

The video for the single features footage from the recording process of their Death or Glory album, check it out below.

Like what you hear? The Ballad of Tanzy Velayne is out now and available to stream/download HERE.

The band will be releasing their Glory EP on 23rd February 2022 via Onslaught Music and forms the second part of their Death or Glory album which includes the previously released Death EP. The full album will be available physically on 8th April 2022.

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