MUSIC NEWS: FacePaint Release Two New Tracks ‘GOLD’ & ‘LOW’

Brighton-based quartet FacePaint have released two new tracks, new single GOLD along with b-side LOW.

Commenting on GOLD, drummer Elik Eddy says: “This song has been teased throughout the last year of shows since returning from a year’s worth of lockdowns, and really found its place on our most recent UK tour. Originally recorded on Garage Band about a year ago, it holds a melancholy place in our growing discography, with despairing lyrics and soft, driving guitar melodies that come together to form an emotionally heavy tune. I think it’s definitely one of our best tracks yet.”

The tracks were produced by Ross Ruthero and Matt Conybear at CUBE studios in Cornwall and both can be heard below.

GOLD and LOW are out now and available HERE.

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