VIDEO NEWS: Sabaton Share ‘The Art Of War’ Experience Video

Sabaton have shared a full album experience video for their 2008 studio album The Art Of War.

“We released our album “The Art of War” on May 30, 2008. Now, you will be able to experience the album just as it was meant to be heard. From start to end. These days most people listen to a few songs only, and miss a lot of good ones. We now challenge you to break the norm, and take the time to enjoy this album. And perhaps you will learn something new!” says the Swedish heavy-metal band.

To celebrate the 13th anniversary of the release of their fourth album, the new experience video features all thirteen tracks with each telling of a historical battle. The tracks were inspired by the thirteen chapters on Sun Tzu’s book Art Of War where each deals with a different element of warfare.

Check out the album video below.


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