MUSIC NEWS: RedHook Announce Debut EP & Release New Single ‘Bad Decisions’

RedHook have announced their debut EP Bad Decisions, due for release on 23rd April 2021. 

To celebrate, the trio have released the title-track from the EP, Bad Decisions. 

“I always joke to the boys that it’s my theme song,” says lead vocalist Emmy Mack. “I wrote it when I was feeling depressed as fuck, trapped in a spiral of self-destructive behaviour and making a lot of *checks thesaurus* questionable life choices that only served to intensify my rubbish headspace and feelings of deep self-loathing.”

“(‘Bad Decisions’) is me reflecting from rock bottom on how on earth I went from being a straight-edge, dux-of-my-Catholic-school goody-two-shoes to feeling like a totally lost and fucked up mess of an adult. It’s me laughing at myself and, I guess, trying to take something positive away from all it all. Hopefully someone else out there can relate.”

Like what you hear? You can stream or purchase Bad Decisions HERE

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