VIDEO NEWS: Sick Of It All Release ‘Never Back Down’ From Quarantine Session Series

Sick Of It All have released the next video in their quarantine session series, this time Never Back Down from their album The Last Act Of Defiance. Recorded straight from their living rooms, Never Back Down follows Hardcore Horseshoe, Paper Tiger, The Bland Within and Alone from the series. 

“This Quarantine Jam is a perfect anthem for these times!” says the band. “Never Back Down! Coming from the Last At Of Defiance album. Here’s rally cry to get you through all the shit and the seemingly endless plague. It’s high energy, anthemic hardcore music, rooted in punk and Oi are a perfect fit to the take no shit everyman and everywoman lyrics. A reminder that no matter what they throw at you, keep on pushing, keep on fighting!”

Sick Of It All‘s latest album Wake The Sleeping Dragon! is out now via Century Media Records, available to stream or purchase HERE

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