MUSIC INTERVIEW: The Front Bottoms

Photo Credit: Mark Jaworski

The Front Bottoms‘ new album In Sickness & In Flames celebrates life, as the two-piece push forward with a positive and creative energy on the follow-up to 2017’s Going Grey. That said, they have openly explained that their new record is one that involves pain, when the pair went through unbelievable life changes – but creativity came to the rescue in helping them to solve their problems. We caught up with the band to find out more… 

You recently released your new album, In Sickness & In Flames, what has the reaction been like so far? 

So far so good!

You’ve said that prior to the album you went through some unbelievable changes and you want listeners to feel the anxiety within the record – was writing In Sickness & In Flames challenging for you, or was it a cathartic process? 

A Little bit of both. There’s a lot of pain involved with the creative process but a lot of satisfaction comes along.

Is there a particular song on the record you think your fans will relate to the most?

I think ‘leaf pile’ or ‘the truth’, but time will tell. 

How does it feel to release an album during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic? Have you faced any difficulties in the run up to the release?

Well nothing we had planned ended up happening and working out, but we didn’t want to just sit back on the new music for anything to change.

As touring isn’t possible right now, you celebrated the release with a virtual album listening party and you have also been releasing videos via your Twitch channel. Do you have plans to continue with these in the coming months? 

Yes we are working on a few virtual ideas that we can hopefully share soon. 

Do you feel that releasing a record during lockdown has given you the opportunity to explore your creativity even more so than usual?   

I haven’t felt that way yet, but we’ll see where the rest of this year goes. 

When you’re able to tour again, are there any new songs that you’re most excited to play live?

I’m excited to play any song live again. 

Thanks again for chatting to us today, do you have a final message for our readers? 

Stay safe, I hope to see you soon. 

The Front Bottoms‘ new album In Sickness & In Flames is out now via Atlantic Records, available to stream or purchase HERE

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