MUSIC NEWS: Tokky Horror Sign To Alcopop! Records & Release Debut Single ‘Girlracer’

Tokky Horror, the new project of ex-Queen Zee vocalist Zee Davine, have signed to Alcopop! Records and released their debut single Girlracer. The line-up is completed by joint-vocalists Mollie Rush and Ava Akira

“For me, Girlracer is a joyous return to the fun of creating and making music after falling out of love with it,” explains Davine. “The experience of creating Tokky Horror has helped me address what my priorities are with my creativity, and how I wish and need to express myself. Sonically we had no idea what we would sound like, except we wanted it to be intense, visceral and cathartic.”

“I wanted to find my own sound, and my own way of expressing myself, that takes from all of our influences across dance culture, psychedelia and punk,” Davine adds. “Lyrically the song addresses hyper-masculine spaces (which is very often dance culture itself) and inserts Tokky Horror with confidence. Girlracer’s unashamed appreciation of fast cars and loud music is a tongue-in-cheek to every boy who thinks they’re better than us.”

Like what you hear? You can stream or purchase Girlracer HERE

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