MUSIC FEATURE: Five Reasons You Need to See Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown Live

Photo Credit: Robby Klein

Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown are a Nashville born, blues rock quartet. They broke out in 2013 when album Wild Child hit the US charts and since then they have toured the world alongside big names. Now armed with latest album, Truth and Lies, their live polished live show is one everyone should experience. However, if you needed some persuading, here are five reasons why you should see Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown live.

You’ll Be Watching An Actual Teenage Guitar Prodigy

So he might not be a teenager anymore but frontman Tyler Bryant was a recipient of the Robert Johnson Gibson New Generation Award in 2006, for aspiring young guitar generations at the ripe age of 15! In 2007, now 17, he then went on to win Ernie Ball’s ‘Play Crossroads Competition’ and got a chance to play alongside blues legend Eric Clapton. Fully chasing his dream at 17, he shortly left home to move to Nashville and start his now successful band Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown. What were you doing at 17?

They Bring Blues Rock Into the 21st Century

Tyler and The Shakedown do feel as if they’re lost souls from the early days of blues, hitting every decade branch from the rock tree and have time travelled to the 21st century, to tie it all up in one good looking package. Their style is a blend of 70’s psychedelic rocker in silk unbuttoned shirts mixed with modern-day Nashville busker chic. Their sound is a perfect blend of blues vs rock; Tyler’s sultry vocals and sweetly echoed harmonies adds a touch of  Country-Pop to the mix.  Hard-hitting drumbeats set the intense beats, as slide guitars mesh with grungy riffs. The band are masters at melting genres and often a unique tribute to mixed influences, through truly polished craft.

They’re related to Aerosmith

Guitarist Graham Whitford is the son of Aerosmith’s Brad Whitford, which does bring a certain expectation and comparative judgement, but although certain riffs are familiar this band are totally different to the former glam rock legends. With Bryant at the helm with his achievements the band have never needed hand-outs and really hold their own in this industry and genre.

They Have Played With Legends

Bryant paved the way for this playing with Clapton in 2007. But since 2013, with the release of album Wild Child, they have conquered Nashville and taken America by storm, opening them up to big exposure in the industry. This has opened many a door and opportunists including playing and touring alongside legends such as AC/DC, BB KingAerosmith, ZZ Top, Jeff Beck. After their 2017 European tour with 80’s rock icons, Guns N’ Roses they spread their transatlantic roots and blossomed in the UK and have since done many festival circuits including blues-rock festival Ramblin Man Fair and have just recently finished a UK tour with Aussie rockers Airbourne.

They’re Massively Underrated (But Won’t Be For Long!)

Despite the four reasons listed above,  we’re still witnessing these young talents as the support act. Yes, they’ve supported music royalty which is nothing to gripe about, but it’s hard to believe that after six years they still haven’t made a UK headline tour. Armed with new album Truth and Lies, we are sure that this will change in 2020. Hopefully next year, we will see Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown shake things up live, in a setting they deserve.

Written by: Charly Phillips