MUSIC INTERVIEW: Life On The Road With…Last Hounds

Hardcore punks Last Hounds concluded 2018 with the release of their hard-hitting single Handmade, celebrating with a short run of dates alongside Black Coast. We caught up with the band following the shows to hear their top tips and stories from the road.

Favourite thing about touring:

Probably the fact that we are completely out of our normal lives, no work worries or home worries and the fact we get to just concentrate on being a band. Getting to do that with friends makes it pretty cool too!

Least favourite thing about touring:

It completely ruins your body clock! That and parking…sounds petty, but it’s the little things that you forget about when you’re running late for sound check that come and shaft you from behind!

Five essentials:

Well personally for me it’s probably got to be…

– Phone
– Honey & lemon
– Non-sweaty clothes
– Ear plugs
– My millions of pounds

Favourite way to pass the time:

I envy any band that has free time to pass on tour. Sounds pretty boring but we are always in a place we don’t really know, so any free time we get we are generally just exploring/hunting for food!

“The Most”

Memorable moment:

The first time we came across a genuine fan. We were playing at the Black Heart in London and it was the first time we had ever had a song request shouted out or someone who sang all the words back to us that wasn’t a
friend of the band haha.

Hilarious moment:

Halfway through a set I ran head first into a door which had a sign on that I thought was plastic. It turned out it was glass and it shattered all over my head. I spent the rest of the set making sure I didn’t have bits of
glass embedded into my brain.

Embarrassing moment:

We once played a show to an in-house photographer and an Elvis tribute support act in a completely empty room. Maybe not so much embarrassing as there was no one else to witness it, but definitely soul crushing.

Outrageous moment:

We got banned from a particular venue recently just because we have a very energetic live show. The venue claimed there “could have been potential damages caused by us” and then they under paid us, calling us a “disgusting circus act.” It’s funny, because every person in the band is the most humbling guy you’ll meet, and….they booked us!!

Drunken moment:

When Tom, our guitarist, was passed out drunk in the back of the van, we bought a bunch of service stop porn mags and covered him in them, took photos and sent it to his girlfriend. Dirty, dirty boy.

Rewarding moment:

The first time we got to play a big boy stage, makes all the back end venues in the middle of nowhere worthwhile!! Keep them coming!!!



See Last Hounds live:


Fri 25th – LEAMINGTON SPA – Zephyr Lounge (w/ wars)

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