BTNUK EXCLUSIVE: Brent Walsh Discusses The Artwork Of ‘Are You Even There At All?’

Brent Walsh celebrated the release of his sophomore EP Are You Even There At All? by sharing the spirited video for third single Moon Creep. Inspired by a cappella act Pentatonix, Moon Creep bursts into a full-on pop anthem as it brims with doo-wop vocals and layered harmonies. The video was a collaborative effort amongst friends, shot guerilla-style on the streets of Oakland. This proved to be a fun adventure, improvising last-minute concept and choreography changes to adapt to new locations. The chemistry and passion of those involved translates brilliantly into the clip, culminating with a full-on dance celebration as Walsh belts out “it makes me feel alive.”

Now Walsh is here to tell us about the creation of the new EP’s gorgeous artwork…

“The artist was Bailey Zindel, who has done a number of designs for I the Mighty in the past. I sent him over a few pieces of art for inspiration, all brightly colored and nature themed. I described to him the meaning of the album title: ‘Are You Even There at All?’ And how it came from a boy looking up at the sky and questioning his place in the universe. The only changes we made once he sent me the original first draft was making the boy look more entrenched in the shrubbery around him.

After the cover was done, the project was moved to in house art director at Equal Vision Records, Bill Scoville. I always love working with Bill because you can pretty much come up with anything and he can make it happen. He also created the “keywork” logo for ‘Coheed and Cambria’ back in the day, which was the first tattoo I ever got. So working with him is always a pleasure.

I asked Bill if we could have a star-lit sky for the back cover and he came back with exactly what you see. Because the back and front cover held the same layout, we created this gif that fluctuates between the two.

I honestly love how everything came together for the artwork for this EP. The vision was clear, the process was easy and the vibe fits the music so well.”

Brent Walsh EP Artwork

Brent Walsh‘s EP Are You Even There At All? is out now via Rude Records, available to purchase HERE.

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