ALBUM REVIEW: Press To MECO – Here’s To The Fatigue

Following on from their 2015 debut album Good Intent, Press To MECO have returned with follow up album Here’s To The Fatigue. With a bigger sound, more experience under their belt and the media attention they deserve this 11 track release is going to keep the successes heading their way.

Kicking off the release is an intriguing Intro track, which features riffy guitars and rolling drumlines which flow into latest single Familiar Ground with ease. Flaunting heavy guitar lines that wrap themselves around your brain it’s the catchy opener every release really needs. If you needed a good place to start with Press To MECO this showcases the perfect opportunity for their pop-influenced signature sound to shine. As far as album openers go this has dramatically increased our expectations.

Title-track Here’s To The Fatigue wastes no time slamming into action, with elements of both the band’s poppier and rockier, angst-filled sound. Fast-paced, chaotic and jam-packed with gritty guitars, this is the type of track that will excel in a live environment. “Here’s to a lack of all control and sanity; here’s to the fatigue” is one of the release’s fiercest and crowd-friendliest lines – we can already imagine it chanted back with meaning by their crowd. If All Your Parts Don’t Make A Whole would at first make you assume that there was a slower track around the corner; but this isn’t the case. Opening with disjointed, high pitched vocals which, at the beginning, feel a little out of place on this album, the track soon rolls into Press To MECO territory. The focus on this track swings towards the harmonies, which merge together with ease. This track feels a little manic at points and it definitely stops you from sitting still. Lyrically the trio explore relatable topics, how things won’t always be perfect but it’s important to make the most of what you have: “find solace when nowhere feels like home”; it’s a real reflective time and makes this a standout on the release so far.

It doesn’t take long to turn back to the rocky drum and guitar driven tracks, next with Skip The Crawl. Throughout we’re met with melodic undertones, rowdy instrumental sections and full-blown energy, and we really, really love it. A Place In It All shows off a different side to the trio, the ballad that every album needs. Midway through you feel like you’re listening to a different album, as smooth, sincere vocals steal every inch of your attention, right up until the introduction of slick harmonies. It feels like a strange addition to the release, but once you get your head around it it’s entirely welcome.

Howl returns unapologetically to the heavier side of Press To MECO; swirling guitar lines and infectious drum make you want to bop along to each beat. Flaunting one of the biggest sing-along choruses on the release it overflows with power, with nifty basslines around every single corner. The trio aren’t strangers to fluttering with their sound, as the metal-edged A Quick Fix wouldn’t be out of place at a full-blown rock show, complete with lashings of headbanging. Luring you into a false sense of musical security, a relaxed vocal bridge comes into play before going back to the rowdy chorus. Built up of sections of harmonies, metal-twinged riffs and the urge to sing along from the onset remind us why Press To MECO are so good at what they do.

Taking the tempo down a notch is Itchy Fingers and we’re met with sultry vocal undertones. Feeling a little bit disjointed but working strangely well, the beat stomps you through the extremely catchy track. The guitar work towards the end of this track without a doubt highlights the best we’ve heard on the release so far, flaunting the most solid musicianship with the arrival of brash drumlines. As we reach the penultimate track on Here’s To The Fatigue, it’s up to The Things That We Don’t Talk About to begin to wrap things up. Singing of addressing the things that scare us and facing them head-on, it’s a refreshing take on speaking out to those around you, who will be able to support you through it. Closer White Knuckling is the longest track on the album and begins with an air of mystery thanks to its slow, peaceful pace and haunting vocals. Press To MECO wrap up the release with their signature sharp harmonies. Keeping the energy and momentum at its highest point right until the end it’s been an all-round victorious release for the trio.

Press To MECO are bringing something new to the music scene. Without the fear of genre constraints they’re giving vocal harmonies a new lease of life, whilst throwing in elements of metal and rock to keep fans on their toes. Here’s To The Fatigue is a promising second album which will leave everyone waiting in anticipation for their exciting future ahead.


Standout Tracks: A Quick Fix, Here’s To The Fatigue

For Fans Of: Arcane Roots, Black Peaks

Written By: Nicola Craig

Nicola Craig
Head of Live with an unwavering love for the seaside, live music and writing about others instead of myself. Twitter: @nicolalalalar