MUSIC INTERVIEW: Life On The Road With…The Faim

After the recent success of their singles Saints Of The Sinners and Midland Line, Australia’s The Faim are showing the UK what they’re made of during their tour supporting Lower Than Atlantis. We thought it would be fitting to catch up with vocalist Josh Raven to hear his top tips and stories from the road.

Favourite thing about touring:

Performing every day is the best thing in the world. We’ve all been hungry for this since we picked up instruments. Not only is the adrenaline incredible but meeting new people every day is such a rewarding experience. Especially people from different countries and background. We learn a lot by interacting and getting to know our fans.

Least favourite thing about touring:

Plane flights that are longer than 15 hours and if you get sick it’s the most frustrating situation. I remember feeling like I bought the chemist when I got a cold because I wanted to do the best I possibly could.

Five essentials for the road:

There are a lot of aspects to take in account for living and performing on the road but for me, tea, climate appropriate clothing, as hard as it can be try your best to have a healthy eating/sleeping routine, warmup/warm down routine for every show and a sense of humour is so important.

Your favourite way to pass the time:

Aside from making fun and annoying each other reading and listening to music definitely helps pass the time.

“The Most”

Memorable moment:

Shooting our second music video in the UK was a day we will never forget. We were living our teenage dream. Every little thing felt so special, getting out of the van early in the morning, the jet lag, the cold. It was all so surreal and it felt we had taken a huge step as a band.

Hilarious moment:

There were an endless amount of funny moments. I’d have to say one place was filled with hilarious moments was our time in Swansea, Wales. Watching us try pronounce any street or building in Welsh was the funniest thing to watch.

Embarrassing moment:

First night of the tour we were coming towards the end of our set and I introduced Lower than Atlantis with an English accent by accident.

Outragrous moment:

First night of playing I stood up on the drum kit Sean was hitting the symbols so hard that he cut his finger. I watched him bleed all over the snare drum and he just kept playing like a mad man.

Drunken moment:

We haven’t had any drunken moments in tour. We wanted to be as focused as possible on every show. We’ve definitely been drunk off sleep deprivation and falling asleep anywhere definitely became a habit.

Rewarding moment:

Playing our first show on tour and having people singing the only songs we’ve released, Midland Line and Saints of The Sinners. Going to an country we’ve never been to and having that response was so special for us.


Se The Faim on tour with Lower Than Atlantis at one of the remaining dates:


Fri 13th – WATFORD – Colosseum
Sat 14th – SOUTHEND – Chinnerys  SOLD OUT
Sun 15th – BRIGHTON – Concorde 2

Thu 3rd – OXFORD – O2 Academy
Fri 4th – READING – Sub89  SOLD OUT 
Sat 5th – WREXHAM – Central Station
Mon 7th – LIVERPOOL – Hangar34
Tue 8th – ABERDEEN – Lemon Tree
Wed 9th – EDINBURGH – Liquid Rooms
Fri 11th – MIDDLESBROUGH – Empire
Sat 12th – HULL – Welly
Sun 13th – YORK – Fibbers
Mon 14th – SHEFFIELD – Plug

Tickets are available via See Tickets

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