MUSIC FEATURE: 5 ‘Trumpeting Ecstasy’ Tracks We Want To Hear When Full of Hell Play Kamio @ Red Gallery

American noise metal outfit Full Of Hell are going to bring chaos and sweat to London’s Kamio @ Red Gallery on the 14th July in support of their recently released album Trumpeting Ecstacy.

To get in the mood we’ve chosen 5 tracks from the album that we’d love to hear them play!

1. The Cosmic Vein

Like many of Full of Hell’s creations, The Cosmic Vein is brute force in sonic form. From the crushing noise intro and violent static, leading to a hardcore-like undercurrent and metallic tapping; this track is all or nothing.

2. Delumitate

The opening track to the band’s latest sonic offering, Trumpeting Ecstasy, Deluminate doesn’t mess around. Conjuring up Dillinger Escape Plan-esque similarities, this harsh cacophony is bound to rile up Kamio-goers to thrash, scourge and lambaste the east London venue.

3. Crawling Back To God

The Maryland noise troupe are masters of creating a hellish audio atmosphere. Beginning with the one of the creepiest and mind-bending samples, Full of Hell pull no punches as they tear into the track with a vicious assault of aggressive percussion and distorted vocals, repeating “on bent knees, crawling back to God” which only reinforces the affliction in this track.

4. Digital Prison

Easily one of the fastest, heaviest and ferocious dissonances. The highly sinister recording showcases Dylan Walker’s ability to pair claustrophobic melancholy lyricism with a brazen vocal range. Digital Prison is pure, unadulterated Full of Hell at their finest.

5. Trumpeting Ecstacy

In contrast to Deluminate, the title-track Trumpeting Ecstasy is absolutely menacing but not in the way we’d expect from Full of Hell. Sounding like the sequel to the band’s One Day You Will Ache How I Ache, the track mixes up a haunting child’s song and rising chugging background before launching into a full sonic oppression. Trumpeting Ecstacy is the nightmarish lullaby you never asked for but my god, would be it great to experience it in the flesh.


Tickets for the show are available via See Tickets, with further information HERE.

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