MUSIC NEWS: Ray Toro Announces Solo Debut Album Details

Former My Chemical Romance guitarist Ray Toro will release his debut solo album Remember The Laughter on the 18th November.

Remember The Laughter is three and a half years in the making, a light concept record where Ray played almost all of the instruments. He also engineered and mixed the album, as well as had his wife and son play on it.

“The story is this,” he explains. “A middle aged man returns to his childhood home. Hearing a familiar melody, he goes to the attic to find a memory box he never knew was there. As he goes through it, each of the items in the box sparks a memory, and each song represents one of those memories. He explores his loves, his losses, his pains, and his regrets, and recalls the words of hope that his father left him with when he passed. Thematically, the record is about hope. That there is always a glimmer of light in the darkness.”

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