This week sees the release of This Room & You, the debut EP from emo punks My Only. We caught up with the band to chat about signing to Crooked Noise, their latest single Saboteur, why they aren’t so rock ‘n’ roll and more.

First off, we loved your latest single Saboteur. Can you tell us a little about the song’s meaning and how it was written?

The song itself came together really quickly for us as it was based around a clear view that we all shared. We wanted to speak from an outside perspective on a situation a close friend of ours was going through.

What are your writing inspirations in general, both musical and non-musical?

We take inspiration from so many bands and also just general life experiences that happen to all of us. Music wise we often find ourselves going back to the bands of our youth that first got us into wanting to create music.

So you release your debut EP This Room & You on the 2nd September via Crooked Noise Records. Is Saboteur a good representation of the whole record or are there some surprises in there?

Saboteur is actually quite an abstract track for us, especially on the EP. We wanted to present the same themes and ideas through the whole release but musically it is a lot more intimate and stripped back compared to the other tracks. The other 3 songs are all quite upbeat, we’re not sure why this happened it just came naturally.

Is there a song on the EP that you think your fans will relate to the most?

We do think one of the main reasons Saboteur has been received so well is because it is so relatable to a lot of people. From our point of view, we love to play I Had to Pay for Every Breath That I Took live and for us, that’s the best moment for people to relate to our music.

How did the signing with Crooked Noise come about? Are there any bands on their roster that you guys have been following previously?

Crooked Noise showed some real enthusiasm straight from the off with us and we value that above all else. We all had a feeling this was the right thing to do so went with it. We really enjoy FOES’ music and they have gone on to do some really great things.

With the EP out soon, can we expect any live shows?

We have a few one off shows later in the year and are trying to get some tours together as we speak which we really can’t wait for. We also have some pretty cool opportunities for 2017 but we need to wait and see how that plays out.

What’s the most rock n roll thing to do in your home town of Kings Lynn?

Kings Lynn, I don’t think it’s known for ‘Rock n roll’ and we are probably some of the least rock n roll people going. We were once described as a “slippers and wine” band, which truthfully sounds along the right lines.

Thanks again for talking to us, is there anything else you’d like to add?

Massive thank you to anyone who has taken the time to listen to any of our music and we really hope to see some of you at upcoming shows!

Interview by: Hannah Gillicker


This Room & You is set for release on the 2nd September via Crooked Noise Records, available to pre-order HERE.

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