MUSIC INTERVIEW: Life On The Road With…Diamond Days

We caught up with Diamond Days ahead of their forthcoming tour to chat about life on the road. From essential items to their most outrageous moments we’ve got it covered!

Favourite thing about touring:

Not showering is the best part of it and eating fast food every day. This makes you feel really fresh in the morning after sleeping in a van, in a hammock!

Least favourite thing about touring:

Driving the van, I wish we could just cut this part out of the tour out and just teleport to each venue. This would also save petrol costs too. If anybody knows how to do this please tell us! haha

Five essentials for the road:

1. Hammocks – we genuinely sleep in these in the van. Not while anybody is driving… Haha
2. X-Box – Enough said, why wouldn’t we need an Xbox on the road.
3. Baby wipes
4. Sat Nav
5. The Iron Giant (this film is jammed in our DVD player so if we want to watch TV, we HAVE to watch this) But what else do you need? It’s an amazing film, you should honestly check it out.

Your favourite way to pass the time:

Sitting in the van listening to the Chad Kroeger vine of “Look At This Graph” over and over until somebody goes nuts!

“The Most”

Memorable moment:

Slapping Alex in the face with a 10 inch adult toy whilst riding a beer bike together is something we will always remember. It’s not every day you see that happen.

Hilarious moment:

When we first headlined in London we accidentally locked TJ out of our hotel and forgot! He basically had to walk the streets of London as our phones were all on silent. Erm…Yeah they were definitely on silent.

Embarrassing moment:

Alex actually ended a show by standing on the top of the PA and hitting a fan in the face with a microphone. Obviously by accident… Luckily, everybody found this funny including the girl with the SM58 print on her face.

Outrageous moment:

This has to be be our old tour driver falling asleep at the wheel. This is definitely somethings we would call outrageous. Funnily enough this guy doesn’t drive us around anymore!

Drunken moment:

We actually started playing the legendary drinking game “Never Have I Ever” with Alex’s cousin! Let’s just say that the following sentence actually happened! “Never have I ever pissed in a pint glass while playing never have I ever” We were then presented with a pint of urine in the middle of the hotel bar. Strangely we were not allowed back!

Rewarding moment:

Hearing our fans singing our songs back at us is the most rewarding thing about being in this band. This keeps us going when things get tough and we can’t thank everybody enough for this.


Catch Diamond Days on tour with Witterquick and Decembre:


Wed 28th – BRISTOL – SWX
Thu 29th – BIRMINGHAM – Rainbow
Fri 30th – LEICESTER – Brewdog


Sat 1st – LIVERPOOL – Zanzibar
Sun 2nd – LONDON – Surya

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