ALBUM REVIEW: Fatherson – Open Book

Scottish band Fatherson are back with album two, ready to hit us all right in the feels once again with their heart breaking lyrics and dreamy vocals.

Hailing from Kilmarnock, Scotland, the band formed in 2010 and rapidly built a fan base of listeners and industry professionals alike, including BBC Introducing who featured their 2010 T in the Park Set on BBC Two. In 2014 the band finally released their debut album I Am An Island independently through their management.

Their debut album was met with much praise for its raw emotion and feeling. Two years later and they are back with album number two, Open Book. Once again, they haven’t disappointed in the slightest.

Opening track, Just Past The Point Of Breaking, gets going right from the start. Kicking off with rousing guitar filled sounds before Ross’ vocals kick in as strong as ever. The chorus of “is it too late? Did we miss the boat?” sets the tone for how deep and personal the album is. The following track, Always, has an anthemic feel to it with its slightly heavier tone and big sing-along chorus: live it is equally as big and audiences sing back to each and every word.

The album’s title track, Open Book, is easily one of the standouts on the record. It’s the ultimate culmination of everything that people love about the band: deep, meaningful lyrics, Ross’ unmistakable vocals and strong musicality. You really must be stone hearted to not feel all of the emotions when you hear it.

Raw emotion is something that is synonymous with the band and something that Open Book very nearly beats the debut on. Tracks including Joanna, Younger Days and, another standout track, Sleeping Over, are slower and feel very intimate and real. The band don’t seem to shy away from pouring their hearts out and it is definitely what draws many to their music.

Fatherson have done it once again. They’ve produced music that’ll touch the depths of your soul and stir emotions you might not even know you had. 2016 and beyond is sure to be full of more good things; we hope our emotions can handle it.


Standout Tracks: Open Book, Just Past The Point Of Breaking, Sleeping Over

For Fans Of: The Xcerts, Twin Atlantic

Written By: Laura Brown

Laura Brown
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