progressive rock


ALBUM REVIEW: Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard – Y Proffwyd Dwyll

You might be forgiven for thinking with such a ridiculous name, Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard were some kind of parody band, or pedallers of bog-standard doom metal. You'd be mistaken: on their sophomore album, Y Proffwyd Dwyll, MWWB have taken the doom metal format and shaken it up, incorporating airy vocals, keyboards and psychedelic rock influences.

ALBUM REVIEW: An Endless Sporadic – Magic Machine

An Endless Sporadic are an instrumental prog rock group who achieved modest success in 2008 with the release of their Ameliorate EP, with tracks Impulse and Anything being featured in various Guitar Hero games. This release, Magic Machine, is something of a surprise, as it comes seven years after the band fading into obscurity following the release of their self-titled debut full-length in 2009.

EP REVIEW: Wild Throne – Blood Maker

On first listen, one may assume that Wild Throne are a typical hard rock band, with the relentless loudness of the guitars and drums on display throughout their debut EP, Blood Maker. However, listen just a little closer and under the layers of heaviness there are the complex song structures and unconventional time signatures of progressive rock.

ALBUM REVIEW: Black Peaks – Statues

Black Peaks are one of the most interesting bands in post-hardcore and metal music today, and Statues is a whirlwind of different styles within and without heavy music. It will subvert any opinions one may have that heavy music has become stale, and reassure audiences that an interesting, intense, incredible band can still attain a degree of mainstream recognition in the digital age.