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MUSIC FEATURE: Standing By The Scene – Doing Your Bit To Support Music Through COVID-19 (Part One)

Everything’s a bit weird right now isn’t? We at Bring The Noise UK hope you’re all being safe and looking after each other. Speaking of looking after people, now’s the time we could really look after the bands we love. So how can we all help the artists whose music has helped us through our hard times and been a soundtrack to the best night of our lives, now that they need us? A lot of them are trying to adapt, and use technology to help raise funds, and keep their music in your mind while you’re stuck inside. And since you are stuck inside, why not tune into some of these innovative live streams? Here’s some ways you can help...
Five Minutes With

MUSIC FEATURE: Five Minutes With…cheerbleederz

London indie punk trio cheerbleederz have unveiled their second EP 'lobotany', a record that is guaranteed to make you feel summery and forget about the cold weather. We took five minutes with the band to find out more about how they formed, what influences them and more.

EP REVIEW: Best Ex – Ice Cream Anti-Social

Alcopop! Records signing Best Ex might be better known to you and me as Best Ex but with a new name and a new sound Ice Cream Anti-Social is their attempt at showing just what the new (and potentially improved) them can do.
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