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LIVE REVIEW: You Me At Six, All Time Low, LG Arena, Birmingham, 10/02/2015

Any losses on bar tonight are easily made up in the droves of young fans who’ve parted ways for tickets to see what we can comfortably assume are their idols. It’s clear that this is a tour that has worked very, very well, merging You Me At Six and All Time Low - the crème de la crème from both sides of the Atlantic - in such a way that’s so commendable, it’s almost genius.
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LIVE REVIEW: dirt, Islington Academy 2, London, 16/01/15

When you’re genuinely questioning whether or not a band are miming for the best part of 30 minutes, something’s either gone horrifically wrong or very, very right. Fortunately for dirt, it’s the latter. Tonight, the band play their debut - and sold out - show to celebrate the long-awaited release of EP Mirrors at London’s Islington Academy 2.
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NEW NOISE: Childcare

Sultry pop brushed with a tinge of infectious and exotic electronica, Childcare is the new project from London based musician Ed Cares. It may be early days, but here's why we think you should have the band on your radar.

ALBUM REVIEW: Pavilions – The Future’s Mine To Make

When you're involved in the music journalism community, you'll often get a tonne of requests asking to review what seems like every album under the sun. Within reason, this is fine; but when it's people you know, people you've essentially grown up with or that you see around every day, it's understandable that you're filled with something kind of resembling dread when faced with this panic-inducing request. Thankfully, with Pavilions, this isn't the case.
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