I’ve been writing for Bring the Noise for almost a year, prior to this I used to be a games tester for Microsoft but these days you’ll find me writing reviews for all sorts of films and for the occasional rock album and gig. Bring the Noise have been awesome to me & have given me a chance to write & reach an audience & hopefully if I don’t screw up you’ll see lots more of my stuff in the coming months and years

ALBUM REVIEW: Shadows Like Strangers – Cali

With airtime on BBC Nottingham, supporting the likes of Lacey and releasing a debut album, it’s safe to say that Shadows Like Strangers have had a cracking 2018/19. We’ve had a chance to take a listen to 'Cali' - does it have those feel good Californian vibes? We think it has that, and more!

DVD REVIEW: Evanescence – Synthesis Live

When you think of your typical rock band, it’s unlikely you’ll think of them playing alongside an orchestra, but Evanescence have and we were left in awe of it. Now we have an opportunity to relive this thanks to the Synthesis Live DVD.

ALBUM REVIEW: Halestorm – Vicious

After a three year wait Halestorm are back with their fourth studio album Vicious. Sure, they released a covers album in the form of their Reanimate 3.0 in 2017, but nothing compares to a new release with fresh material - and once again, the quartet do not disappoint!

EP REVIEW: Eva Plays Dead – The Fix

Nottingham based rockers Eva Plays Dead have just released their EP The Fix and it’s definitely a fix of something! Plugging away in the independent scene is never easy, but this EP is something of a resurgence for a band who’ve played with the likes of Alien Ant Farm, Skindred and Devilskin, amongst others.

Album Review: Noija – Colorblind

Almost every band can attest to how important a debut album can be. It can make or break them – especially with new, and often fickle fans. But given by what we’ve seen and heard of the debut album by Swedish alt-rock band Noija, finding new fans and listeners shouldn’t be a problem.

ALBUM REVIEW: Rise Against – Wolves

Wolves is exactly what a good Rise Against album should be, there’s meaning behind a lot of the tracks and they’re catchy enough that you’ll start singing along after a few listens.

ALBUM REVIEW: Galactic Empire – Galactic Empire

One of the things that defines a Star Wars film is of course the soundtrack. Many would consider it sacrilege to even consider playing the tracks in any other way than George Lucas and John Williams would have intended, but that’s exactly what Galactic Empire have done with their debut, self-titled album.

ALBUM REVIEW: Avenged Sevenfold – The Stage

Avenged Sevenfold return after a three year hiatus with their 7th studio album The Stage; with new member Brooks Wackerman on the drums, have they stuck to their roots or is this uncharted territory for the five-piece?

FILM REVIEW: The Beatles: Eight Days a Week – The Touring Years

Nearly 50 years after The Beatles stopped touring, renowned director Ron Howard has filmed a thoroughly enjoyable documentary giving an insight into the Liverpudlian quartet's life between 1962 - 1966 for the Liverpudlian foursome. Relive iconic moments with unseen footage and remember why The Beatles are one of the biggest musical forces of all time.
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