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ALBUM REVIEW: Cradle of Filth – Existence is Futile

Cradle of Filth’s guiding force, vocalist Dani Filth, compares their previous record to 'Existence is Futile' as "ornate" and suggests this new release is anything but...and if this is Cradle trimmed of all fat, it makes you wonder how overblown this record could have been. That said, the decision to focus on the best elements, even if there are a lot of them, and refine them has resulted in an expertly crafted album that never really outstayed its welcome.
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ALBUM REVIEW: Dying Wish – Fragments of a Bitter Memory

Metalcore is, for the most part, a creatively moribund genre. As with all scenes, it’s not without its trailblazers and its cult diamonds in the rough, but ultimately it’s a form of music that’s swapped intensity for formulas, and sincerity for tropes. Dying Wish are a metalcore band. But they’ve got no resemblance to the kinds of band that have just been mentioned. This is metalcore circa 2002: vital, visceral and venomous. A sound that’s pleasingly retro, without ever feeling dated. And it’s great.
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ALBUM REVIEW: Blood Youth – Visions of Another Hell

There’s a lot to unpack around 'Visions of Another Hell'. It's Blood Youth's final record with long-time vocalist Kaya Tarsus who has now left the band, handing the torch to his successor, before the album is even released. Does this mean Blood Youth's latest effort is doomed to failure with one of its key components no longer part of it, or does it lend even more weight to a collection of tracks that are truly trapped like a moment in time?

MUSIC FEATURE: Standing By The Scene – Doing Your Bit To Support Music Through COVID-19 (Part Two)

Everything’s a bit weird right now isn’t? We at Bring The Noise UK hope you’re all being safe and looking after each other. Speaking of looking after people, now’s the time we could really look after the bands we love. So how can we all help the artists whose music has helped us through our hard times and been a soundtrack to the best night of our lives, now that they need us? You can support them. There’s a range of options available to musicians and you can help spread the word or help them by giving to these fund directly, or just making sure you spin the band’s records on Spotify a few extra times this month. Here’s some ways you can help...
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