ALBUM REVIEW: Cultdreams – Things That Hurt

Country spanning two-piece Cultdreams took the advice of those offended by their previous name on board and made changes with no fuss, which is exactly how the process should work. This change in name could be the perfect opportunity for a change in musical direction, and within the first few moments of the album there is a suggestion that changes will be made with this release.


With debut LP 'Jord', MØL’s genre fluid musicianship has been widely complimented. Their re-released EPs, 'I' and 'II', show where it all began.

ALBUM REVIEW: Whispering Sons – Image

If there was ever a question on the health of post-punk, Whispering Sons are probably the answer despite being far more than just another post-punk band. Paint your nails black and sink into this Belgian darkness.
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