Venom Prison

Behind The Noise

MUSIC FEATURE: Behind The Noise – Venom Prison

Venom Prison are back with their pummelling new album 'Erebos', released earlier this month via Century Media Records. The band had been teasing the record since November, giving us a first glimpse with the aggressive, catchy 'Judges Of The Underworld'. We caught up with guitarist Ash Gray to find out more, including the writing process, themes, accompanying music video and stories from behind the scenes. 
Five Minutes With

MUSIC FEATURE: Five Minutes With…Venom Prison

Rising death metal quintet Venom Prison have gone from strength-to-strength since they formed in 2016. With two full-length albums under their belts, which landed them global festival slots and high profile tours, the band are back with their new release 'Primeval'. Venom Prison returned to the studio in late 2019 to work on 'Primeval', to re-record, remix, and remaster old favourites from their 'Defy The Tyrant' and 'The Primal Chaos' EPs, alongside two brand new tracks. We caught up with Venom Prison guitarist Ash Gray to discuss the band's formation, his first music memory, influences and more. 
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