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LIVE REVIEW: Bury Tomorrow, Garage, Glasgow, 13/12/2018

These kind of shows have been a long time coming for Bury Tomorrow. The band’s sincerity and passion has never been in doubt, and yet it’s been a consistently bumpy ride to success for them. Perhaps that’s part of why this current run of show feels so triumphant: Bury Tomorrow got here through sheer perseverance and being better than their peers. No gimmicks, no lucky timing, not really any haircuts to speak of. Just pure graft.

ALBUM REVIEW: Blessthefall – Hard Feelings

Blessthefall return with their sixth full length studio album, and with the critically well received 'To Those Left Behind' now firmly in their rear view mirror it is anyone's guess what approach the metalcore veterans will take on their latest album 'Hard Feelings'.
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LIVE REVIEW: Beartooth, Vanna, Trash Boat, The Garage, Glasgow, 10/12/2016

Within the ever stirring world of metalcore, Beartooth are an American band who have been absolutely soaring over the past year or so. During their last visit to Glasgow, they landed what could be described as a 'pretty good' impression; but with a recently released second album entitled Aggressive and a supporting tour to match, any chance to see a possibility of improvement of an already solid live band is a graciously accepted event.

EP REVIEW: BAILER – Shaped by the Landscape

What's most surprising Irish metallic hardcore sorts BAILER is that they've only been a band for the better part of the year. This is surprising because of how talented, polished and accomplished Shaped by the Landscape, the band's debut EP, sounds.