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The 'Paranoia' EP set the bar pretty high when it was released last year, but 'SUCKERPUNCH' will definitely live up to those expectations. Though some songs are easily outshined by others, this is a more than solid effort, especially for a debut album, and the soul that Maggie Lindemann has put into the making of this record is impossible to ignore.
Behind The Noise

MUSIC FEATURE: Behind The Noise – Maggie Lindemann

Platinum-certified alt/rock/pop singer Maggie Lindemann is going from strength to strength, from garnering billions of streams to launching her clothing line, podcast and, most recently, releasing her 'Paranoia' EP. We caught up with Lindemann to find out more about her song 'Knife Under My Pillow', the first single from the EP, to discuss the writing process, themes and behind the scenes stories.  
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