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ALBUM REVIEW: Every Time I Die – Radical

The world looks entirely different in 2021 to the way it did when Every Time I Die started out, more than two decades ago. With eight previous full-length albums under the belts and a wealth of experience, you could forgive Every Time I Die for getting comfortable and resting on their laurels. Hell, two of the main songwriters in the band have children now and the other guitar player is a full-time professional wrestler with one of the biggest companies in the world today. Yet with their ninth studio album 'Radical', the band seem as focused as ever and are ready to fire on all cylinders once again.
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You may recognise some familar faces in TEETH. The trio, who formed a year ago after building friendships through touring and other musical projects, are ready for global domination with their loud, anger-fuelled, in-your-face brand of metallic hardcore. We caught up with guitarist Chris LeMasters to find out more...
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