Black Orchid Empire

Behind The Noise

MUSIC FEATURE: Behind The Noise – Black Orchid Empire

Rock trio Black Orchid Empire have really honed their craft on their upcoming full-length 'Semaphore'. Juxtaposing hard-hitting riffs with stunning melodies, the sci-fi concept album features thirteen songs each with a different narrative theme. One of the band's recent singles, 'Natural Selection', was released alongside a video, telling the story of an alien sent down to a failing earth in an attempt to solve their problems. Keen to find out more, we caught up with vocalist/guitarist Paul Visser to discuss the song and video themes, the writing process and why 'Natural Selection' is a standout track on their new release. 

MUSIC INTERVIEW: Life On The Road With…Black Orchid Empire

This week Black Orchid Empire embark on a UK headline in celebration of the release of their debut album Archetype. We caught up with frontman Paul Visser to hear his touring tips and stories from the road, from pushing their van up a muddy hill to dressing room mishaps...