LIFESTYLE FEATURE: “Alternative” Isn’t Just The Music We Like – It’s A Way Of Living

The rise of an alternative lifestyle paved the way for all kinds of people to find their place in the world, at times where the “mainstream” had not been so kind. Whether you like fashion or modelling or not, there’s no denying that small-time clothing lines and models helped shape our consumption of modern alternative music. “Alternative” became not just a genre to listen to, but also synonymous with an entire subculture.

ALBUM REVIEW: Fuzzystar – Telegraphing

Duality in music is something that's often difficult to pull off subtly; Fuzzystar, the Edinburgh-based alternative rock project of Andy Thomson manages this by not attempting any grand, genre-defining combination of styles on their debut album, Telegraphing, but by simply infecting the project's sound with various influences and conveying differing emotional states.

ALBUM REVIEW: Billy Talent – Afraid Of Heights

It’s been a few years since Canadian natives Billy Talent put together a new studio album, the last we heard from Kowalewicz and co was back in 2014. Proclaimed as one of Canada’s most successful rock acts there are high hopes pinned on this latest outing.