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ALBUM REVIEW: Palaye Royale – Fever Dream

There aren't many records we can sit here and listen to on repeat. Yet, here we are, lying on our bedroom floor only moving when it's time to flip to Side-B and repeat. What album has us putting life on hold? Palaye Royale's fourth studio album, 'Fever Dream', that’s what.
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ALBUM REVIEW: Dear Seattle – Someday

As summer nights fade into cosy autumn days, so does our desire for summer anthems. Instead of vivacious tunes to cheers tinnies in the park to, we crave mellowed nostalgic playlists we can sip Pumpkin Spiced Lattes to. A seasonal transition that Aussie indie-rock quartet Dear Seattle’s new album, 'Someday', nails.
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FESTIVAL REVIEW: The Great Escape 2022 – Thursday

What could Adele, Wolf Alice and Ed Sheeran possibly have in common? Humble roots at Brighton’s Great Escape Festival, that’s what. From Spotlight shows to secret gigs, TGE is back with over 500 emerging artists across 30+ venues, packed into just three days. A weekend of chaos Part 1/3, let’s go.
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ALBUM REVIEW: Bowling For Soup – Pop Drunk Snot Bread

In a revival of the pop-punk scene, with the rise of Travis Barker's entourage of renaissance emos, it would be criminal for punk-rock royalty, Bowling For Soup, not to inject their comical twist on the affair. So, in keeping with true BFS fashion, the quartet lace their eleventh record, 'Pop Drunk Snot Bread', with ‘too old for this’ quips, ‘why so serious’ jibes and ‘we’re motherf*cking Bowling For Soup’ attitude. Now, screw ‘hot girl summer’ who’s ready for pop punk summer?!
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