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EP REVIEW: Zebrahead – III

With a new line-up and a new EP, zebrahead have a lot on their hands. This EP comes after over a dozen studio albums and could very well mark a new beginning for the band. This means juggling a lot of expectations from fans new and old, but can they pull it off?


If you haven’t made it in Japan, have you really made it? Zebrahead’s punk rock sound have been carrying them for nearly two decades and they have no signs of slowing down. Their thirteenth studio album, Brain Invaders has made its way to fans today (8th March 2019). Known for their nu-metal riffs and punk sensibilities, we had a chat with co-vocalist Ali Tabatabaee to talk about the new release, festivals and where the punk rock scene is heading.

ALBUM REVIEW: Zebrahead – Brain Invaders

Zebrahead has an impressive repertoire, and their 13th studio album 'Brain Invaders' makes no exceptions. After nearly two decades of music, the band are still surprising fans with their genre-bending sound. Zebrahead are as fresh as ever and 'Brain Invaders' is proving skate-punk is still alive and breathing.
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