Real Friends



This week New Jersey rockers Can't Swim release their debut album Fail You Again, before they make a welcomed return to the UK alongside Real Friends next month. We caught up with vocalist/guitarist Chris LoPorto to chat about the new record, becoming a five-piece and revisiting his childhood home.

ALBUM REVIEW: Moose Blood – Blush

Moose Blood are a band who need no introduction, and following on from their 2014 debut album I’ll Keep You In Mind From Time To Time they’ve returned with follow up Blush. Having spent the last two years winning over the hearts of music lovers across the globe with their impeccable live performances, they’ve also somehow managed to create a ten track release of melodic guitar rock with a massive dose of emo thrown in for good measure.

ALBUM REVIEW: Real Friends – The Home Inside My Head

Back in 2013, Real Friends signed to Fearless Records off the back of their 5th EP, Put Yourself Back Together. Since then, the Illinois five piece have released their debut album Maybe This Place Is The Same And We’re Just Changing, and spent months on end on the road, cultivating the expansive and passionate fanbase they have today. The Home Inside My Head is the band’s sophomore album.


We caught up with Real Friends in the calm before the storm ahead of their Slam Dunk Festival appearance and European tour. With their recently released album 'The Home Inside My Head' paired with a launch gig at the Hippodrome, we talked midnight walks, shitting in your pants and what to expect from their new material…
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