ALBUM REVIEW: Against Me! – Shape Shift With Me

In 2014, Against Me! released the most important record of their career, as well as arguably one of the most important punk rock records of all time: Transgender Dysphoria Blues. 2016 sees the release of 'Shape Shift With Me; a worthy follow-up to a masterpiece, and a great addition to the band's catalogue for its solid songwriting and eclectic mix of styles.

ALBUM REVIEW: Hot Mass – Nervous Tensions

Some may not even consider Hot Mass a pop punk group because of the connotations of the term now; however, they certainly embody many of the best traits of pop music and punk rock with clear passion and energy. Hot Mass also prove a band like them can be punk, pop, and still smart.

ALBUM REVIEW: Big Ups – Before A Million Universes

Right from the off, it's easy to identify New York noise rock outfit Big Ups' musical evolution on Before A Million Universes. A fine example of musical evolution it develops the band's sound without abandoning its core and is an excellent album in its own right.

EP REVIEW: Max Raptor – Damage Appreciation

At Bring The Noise we’ve made it no secret that we really do applaud Midlands’s quartet Max Raptor for keeping the punk spirit alive in the British music scene. Following on from their 2013 debut full length Mother’s Ruin, they’re back with four track EP Damage Appreciation. There’s been a big change in the MR camp since the previous release: they’re now signed to Hassle Records and it’s safe to say we were very excited to see what this latest EP would bring…