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ALBUM REVIEW: Kid Kapichi – This Time Next Year

After building up a strong reputation for themselves on the UK live scene and being hyped up by the likes of Radio One, NME and MTV, Kid Kapichi are finally set to release their long-awaited debut. However, has it lived up to the excitement?

EP REVIEW: John Alcabean – Real Time Fiction

Danish trio John Alcabean have been making waves for a little while now with their scuzzy, garage rock sound, and with their debut release they've shown that they could become a force to be reckoned with on the live circuit.

EP REVIEW: Sad Blood – Legion of Gloom

Sad Blood are back at it again with the puns in their latest EP Legion of Gloom. Following on from their last three-song release Ultimate Worriers in August (both are nods to Professional Wrestling), this latest effort is a great continuation of the wrestling madness and misery that this band seems to love.