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LIVE REVIEW: Architects, Sleep Token, Malevolence, Motorpoint Arena Nottingham, 03/05/2022

When UK metalcore giants Architects released the dates for their first UK arena tour, it was fair to say that arenas have been a long time coming for the Brighton band. Their 2021 effort 'For Those That Wish To Exist' took the band to the next level and had songs that were blatantly made for the arena setting, so how did this translate on a Tuesday night at Nottingham arena?
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FESTIVAL REVIEW: Slam Dunk Festival North 2021

The Slam Dunk Festival 2021 line-up had been one that heavy music fans had been waiting for what seemed like eternity. Since its original announcement for Slam Dunk 2020, the line-up had gone through many changes and has somehow managed to stay absolutely brilliant. It really was a day in the diary not to be missed.


This summer Malevolence performed some huge festival slots. At Slamdown we spoke to guitarist Josh Baines and vocalist/guitarist Konan Hall about their massive summer, Sheffield, and Malevolence branded tanks.
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