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ALBUM REVIEW: Dying Wish – Fragments of a Bitter Memory

Metalcore is, for the most part, a creatively moribund genre. As with all scenes, it’s not without its trailblazers and its cult diamonds in the rough, but ultimately it’s a form of music that’s swapped intensity for formulas, and sincerity for tropes. Dying Wish are a metalcore band. But they’ve got no resemblance to the kinds of band that have just been mentioned. This is metalcore circa 2002: vital, visceral and venomous. A sound that’s pleasingly retro, without ever feeling dated. And it’s great.

You have to endure the rain to see the rainbow: Download Festival 2021

2020 is a year which has been so God awful it is as if it tumbled from the blackened soul of Lucifer himself, with most of us literally locked inside our own homes for months, the country, scratch that THE WORLD, on its collective knees, and no live music to soothe our pain and misery. So although Download 2021 is yet 10-long months away it is no surprise, following their recent announcement, that excitement is already creeping towards fever pitch at the mere thought of seeing the bands we love thrill us from the festival's stages next year.
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After locking themselves away in a remote cottage to remove all distractions, TENSIDE are showing the world what they're made of with new album 'Glamour & Gloom'. The German metal quartet are marking themselves as ones to watch, having appeared at some of the biggest metal festivals in Europe and Asia, shared stages with bands including Trivium and Bad Wolves, and more recently spent time on the road alongside Killswitch Engage. We caught up with vocalist/guitarist Daniel Kuhlemann to chat about the band's aims, how Rage Against The Machine had such a huge impact on him and more.
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