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At Reading 2017 we had a chat to Joe Talbot (vocals) and Mark Bowen (lead guitar) of Idles. Undoubtedly one of our favourite interviews of the weekend, we were accompanied by a great little lad called Isaac who’s been described as their future drummer - they’re already planning ahead for generations! We spoke to the band about their latest record Brutalism, festival anthems and more.

ALBUM REVIEW: RavenEye – Nova

Blues rock babies RavenEye got 'Out Of The Rain' at Drownload and straight into the studio to create new super album, 'Nova'. If you're a fan of last EP Breakout, you may find this one a little different. It's as if they've disected their previous sound with a rusty razor and tied up all the loose ends; and the result is infectious. Disclaimer: the songs are so catchy they will take over your brain.
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