Diablo Swing Orchestra

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ALBUM REVIEW: Diablo Swing Orchestra – Swagger & Stroll Down The Rabbit Hole

When heavy metal music was being forged amongst the backdrop of the industry in the Midlands of the UK, it's hard to think that anyone involved thought “I can’t wait until we mix this all with the swing and jazz music that was popular decades ago." It's a sentence that most likely did not manifest from the brains of anyone in Black Sabbath. But in 2003, a fine group of folks from Sweden decided to go all in on this idea, and thus Diablo Swing Orchestra was born. Now, on their fifth album, the band are determined to go so far beyond the original idea that it's hard to fathom. If this is your first experience of the group, strap in for a colourful and unforgettable ride, because you have never heard anything quite like this.