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ALBUM REVIEW: The Used – Heartwork

When The Used lit the scene on fire with their self-titled debut album back in 2002, they quickly established themselves as heavyweights. Two years later, 'In Love and Death' followed, catapulting them even further into rockstardom - but more important than the platinum records, high profile tours and hordes of fans, was the sound. What they brought to the table was frenetic, unhinged and dirty in the best way. Bert McCracken’s way with words and knack for manipulation through his emotional and vocal range wrapped listeners around his finger and after years of creative experimentation and many albums, he’s roping us in for another ride with eighth album, 'Heartwork'.

ALBUM REVIEW: The Used – Live and Acoustic at the Palace

We all love a live acoustic album & the guys from The Used have not disappointed with their latest release Live and Acoustic at The Palace. Recorded live at The Palace Theatre in LA, the album is a celebration of the band's 15 year anniversary.