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NEW NOISE: The Nightmare Police

If you're looking for overly-studio-produced radio rock, shut it off now. The Nightmare Police is a clash of genres and eclecticism at its finest and that's exactly why you should read more and listen.
MusicNew Noise

NEW NOISE: Pavilions

Whatever you’re expecting from this quintet, you’ll need to push your preconceptions aside. With a unique sound not often found this side of the Atlantic, Pavilions (that’s one ‘l’!) are storming their hometown scene.

Paramore – Brand New Eyes

After a two year gap the young Paramore are back with a brand spanking new studio album ‘Brand New Eyes’. The third album from the Tennessee phenomenon kicks straight in with in-your-face, full-on, pop/punk assault that is ‘Careful’, which immediately reminds you of pint-sized Hayley Williams powerful and trademark vocals

Alice In Chains – Black Gives Way To Blue

Layne Staley is gone and this album is not Dirt. For some people that's enough to disregard this new album. If you can come to terms with this, have a listen to 'Black Gives Way to Blue', the fantastic new album from Alice In Chains.

Blackhole – Islington Academy

Tonights show is full of pressure for the Blackhole boys, they are set to take the stage at Islington's Bar Academy, in front of a crowd consisting of fans, which is also brimming with industry moguls. That is not all they have to contend with though, as frontman, Rich Carter, continuously and unfairly, has the pressure of keeping up with brother Frank's progress and vitriol fuelled vocal delivered with Gallows

Everytime I Die post new video

Everytime I Die have made the amazing video for 'Wanderlust' a thumping tune off their powerful new album 'New Junk Aesthetic' Check it out right here
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