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MUSIC FEATURE: Five Minutes With…Marigolds

Indie/emo quintet Marigolds are back with a fresh line-up, welcoming Poppy Johnson on vocals and keys, and ready to share their second EP 'Hot Springs', out this month via Beth Shalom Records. Heading in a new direction with their latest release, we caught up with guitarist/vocalist Joe Maguire to find out more about Marigolds, from their influences to their aims and what we can expect from them in 2020.
Five Minutes With

MUSIC FEATURE: Five Minutes With…Parachute For Gordo

Instrumental post-rock trio Parachute For Gordo are taking things up a gear with their new album 'Best Understood By Children And Animals', immersing themselves in a professional studio environment for the first time to expand and develop their sound. We caught up with guitarist Laura Lee to find out more about the band, including their influences, what to expect from their live show and more.