Balance And Composure


ALBUM REVIEW: Balance and Composure – Light We Made

When listened to again and again - and you'll want to listen to it repeatedly - Light We Made is the band discovering exactly what they can achieve by mellowing out a little more, and experimenting with a larger sonic spectrum. This isn't Balance and Composure with an entirely new sound, it's them building upon what they've done before.

ALBUM REVIEW: Pity Sex – White Hot Moon

The term "emo revival" is thrown around a lot these days, and more often than not it is met by cynicism and a sense that the word emo and the heartbroken dudes that come along with it, is something that should be left in 2005. Whilst there’s reason behind the cynicism, it’s bands such as Pity Sex that are proving that there is still a place for emo, and that it is a genre that can look past the teen angst and become something more mature.