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A Kentish lad in his early thirties. I'm a journalist that loves anything grizzly and gruesome whether it's in music, film or art. My guitar and vinyl collections are amongst my prize possessions and my wardrobe is predominantly black.
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MUSIC FEATURE: Five Minutes With… Spiritworld

Death/thrash metal upstarts Spiritworld have been causing quite a stir in the metal world with the release of the second album 'DEATHWESTERN'. A horror/western concept album that is as crushingly heavy as it is imaginative and original. We managed to catch up with the band to discuss their roots, their ambitions and what lies ahead for them.
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ALBUM REVIEW: Obituary – Dying of Everything

The chances are if you are a fan of death metal in any of its many guises then you have at least heard of Obituary. The Floridan quintet have been sitting upon the precipice of the genre since their inception back in the early 1980s and have been firing on all cylinders since their reformation back in 2003. In the height of the pandemic, brothers John and Donald Tardy would lock themselves away, rejuvenating their beloved Redneck Studios and putting together the foundations that would then form their eleventh album 'Dying of Everything'.
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ALBUM REVIEW: Bonecarver – Carnage Funeral

Bonecarver exploded onto the scene with the savage debut release 'Evil' back in 2021, and have since made a name for themselves with their own dark take on the brutal death metal/deathcore genre. Now, with their second album 'Carnage Funeral' locked and loaded, the band are looking to take the next creative step in their career and make the world take real notice.
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ALBUM REVIEW: Belphegor – The Devils

Longevity is a quality that is often overlooked. However, when you are a blackened death metal band lining up your twelfth studio album, it can hardly be ignore. Belphegor have been plying their dark favours now for virtually three decades and have yet to waiver from their extreme blueprint. Now, in 2022, the Austrian hellraisers are back with one of their finest outings to date with 'The Devils'.
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ALBUM REVIEW: Municipal Waste – Electrified Brain

You would be forgiven for not realising that we have waited over six years for Municipal Waste’s seventh full length album. However, if you ever saw fit to doubt them then that is totally unforgivable. As true as the day is long, Municipal Waste are a band that are incapable of dropping a dud - and 'Electrified Brain' is no different.
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ALBUM REVIEW: Deaf Havana – The Present is a Foreign Land

Deaf Havana are a band that have changed and grown with every release and have never shied away from making big alterations to their sound. The music has shape-shifted constantly throughout their career and has never suffered with even the slightest downturn in quality - 'The Present is a Foreign Land' is no different.
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ALBUM REVIEW: Cancer Bats – Psychic Jailbreak

This is a band who has seen it all, ridden every wave and have continued to deliver a ridiculously high standard of output for almost two decades at this point. Some things are certain in life… You live, you die and Cancer Bats rock with the best of ‘em. Here's what we thought of the band's seventh album, 'Psychic Jailbreak'...
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