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A Kentish lad at the wrong end of his twenties. I'm a journalist that loves anything grizzly and gruesome whether it's in music, film or art. My guitar and vinyl collections are amongst my prize possessions and my wardrobe is predominantly black.
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ALBUM REVIEW: Cancer Bats – Psychic Jailbreak

This is a band who has seen it all, ridden every wave and have continued to deliver a ridiculously high standard of output for almost two decades at this point. Some things are certain in life… You live, you die and Cancer Bats rock with the best of ‘em. Here's what we thought of the band's seventh album, 'Psychic Jailbreak'...

MUSIC FEATURE: Cancer Bats – Tonight There’s Gonna Be A Jailbreak

Despite what the band name might suggest, the scrappy Canadian underdogs known as Cancer Bats actually have more in common with a snake. Now, before this seems like a cheap shot on a much beloved hardcore veterans allow us to explain… Cancer Bats have shed their previous skin on every release, since their imperious debut 'Birthing the Giant' more than sixteen years ago. With their seventh album 'Psychic Jailbreak' written and recorded, we caught up with frontman Liam Cormier to discuss their bright future on the back of a couple of turbulent years.
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EP REVIEW: Crown Magnetar – Alone in Death

When it comes to good music sometimes it really does come down to quality over quantity, and that is exactly what we get with the new extended play from Crown Magnetar. 'Alone In Death' follows on perfectly from the band’s 2021 debut full-length 'The Codex of Flesh', with another six examples of crushingly heavy, impossibly technical death metal.
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EP REVIEW: Impending Doom – Hellbent

Impending Doom have always forged their own path throughout their long and illustrious career. Often referred to as a pioneer of the deathcore genre and being looked upon as torchbearers by their peers, the band have proven time and time again that they belong at the very top of the deathcore tree. Now, in 2022, the band have penned their first release in over three years, entitled 'Hellbent', and they are ready to spread a little chaos and destruction for the new year.
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ALBUM REVIEW: Enterprise Earth – The Chosen

The fact that Enterprise Earth can write a slamming deathcore tune is going to be news to nobody. However, now they have found a way to successfully include melodic and even catchy moments in their songs without alienating their existing fans. This album may not be career defining, but it is a brand new dawn for a band that have so much to offer, making it simply impossible for people to sleep on them any longer.
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EP REVIEW: No Bragging Rights – No Bragging Rights

Over the past few years, we've had to develop almost inhumane levels of patience with regard to our favourite bands getting back on the road and dropping new releases. Fans of No Bragging Rights, however, have had to wait over seven years for a taste of new material and now, in the bizarre year of 2021, they have been blessed with a new self-titled EP from the Californian melodic hardcore outfit.
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ALBUM REVIEW: Every Time I Die – Radical

The world looks entirely different in 2021 to the way it did when Every Time I Die started out, more than two decades ago. With eight previous full-length albums under the belts and a wealth of experience, you could forgive Every Time I Die for getting comfortable and resting on their laurels. Hell, two of the main songwriters in the band have children now and the other guitar player is a full-time professional wrestler with one of the biggest companies in the world today. Yet with their ninth studio album 'Radical', the band seem as focused as ever and are ready to fire on all cylinders once again.
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LIVE REVIEW: Winterfylleth, Fen, Dread Sovereign, Boston Music Room, London, 23/10/2021

Let’s face it, the world is looking bleak at the moment. The everlasting shadow of COVID still looms over all our heads with threats of things heading back into oblivion in the near future. So, with that in mind, what is the best medicine for such grim and overtly depressing times? Dark, aggressive music of course and Winterfylleth are the perfect band to fill that bill.
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