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A Kentish lad at the wrong end of his twenties. I'm a journalist that loves anything grizzly and gruesome whether it's in music, film or art. My guitar and vinyl collections are amongst my prize possessions and my wardrobe is predominantly black.
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ALBUM REVIEW: Dragged Under – The World Is In Your Way

Seattle underground punk rockers Dragged Under have made big waves in a short amount of time. The band was formed from the wreckage of Rest, Repose by vocalist Tony Cappocchi and guitarist Ryan “Fluff” Bruce (known for his hugely successful guitar and gear YouTube channel). The duo were joined by guitarist Sean Rosario, bassist Hans Hessburg and drummer Kalen Anderson before getting to work on the self-release of their debut full length album, 'The World Is In Your Way', back in January. Now towards the back end of this car crash of a year, the band now have the backing of Mascot Records have lined up a deluxe edition re-release, complete with two brand new songs.
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ALBUM REVIEW: Kingdom Of Giants – Passenger

Kingdom Of Giants are a band that have been honing their craft successfully for almost a decade now, with a total of three full-length albums under their belt, but have yet to see real mainstream success. Now in 2020, the band have the backing of SharpTone Records, who have made a name for themselves recently by discovering up-and-coming metalcore acts such as Currents, Polaris and Crystal Lake to name but a few. With new release 'Passengers', they are looking to lift their head up above the parapet and ahead of the overly saturated metalcore genre in which they languish.
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ALBUM REVIEW: DevilDriver – Dealing With Demons I

With this year containing so many twists, turns and such a lack of uncertainty people are clambering to find something reliable that they can cling to. DevilDriver are a band you can depend on for groove-laden, melodic death metal and with the release of their first album of original material since 2016s 'Trust No One', you can trust them to deliver just like they always do. Frontman and ringleader Dez Fafara has said that 'Dealing With Demons I' is the first instalment of two; an emotional and mental purge, giving the man a chance to bare his soul and lay down some crushing metal all at once.
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ALBUM REVIEW: Fit For A King – The Path

It takes a lot to stand out from the crowd, especially from a scene that is as broad and overly saturated as the metalcore one. Fit For A King are one of those bands that have always struggled to accomplish this, despite their musical talent and their ability to craft songs that are above average quality. Now that they've had a settled line-up for a couple of years, the quintet seem ready to take the next step in their creative journey, to try and take their place at the forefront of metalcore with their new album, 'The Path'.
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ALBUM REVIEW: Oceans Of Slumber – Oceans Of Slumber

For some bands an overhaul of members can be a death sentence. For others, it can be a rebirth and a new age of creativity. Fortunately for Oceans Of Slumber it has proved to be the latter. Since the release of the critically acclaimed The Banished Heart in 2018 the band lost the entirety of it’s stringed section, leaving longtime band leader and composer Dobber Berverly behind the kit, vocalist Cammie Gilbert and keyboard player Matt V. Aleman searching for new members before any momentum would be lost. Enter guitarists Jessie Santos, Alexander Lucian and bassist Semir Ozerkan to save the day, giving the band a new lease of life and a creative force that is sure to see their new self-titled album take them on the next step forward.
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ALBUM REVIEW: In Hearts Wake – Kaliyuga

In Hearts Wake have always been a band with a message. Throughout their career they have hammered the point home time and time again, that we as a species simply do not do enough to preserve the earth that we inhabit, and that a lot of irreparable damage that we have done to it up until this point has been totally avoidable. With their latest album 'Kaliyuga', the band appears even more dead set on educating the masses than ever.
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ALBUM REVIEW: Black Crown Initiate – Violent Portraits Of Doomed Escape

The saying goes “all good things comes to those who wait”, and that particular expression has never seemed more appropriate than when it comes to Black Crown Initiate. There have been plenty of issues that have befallen the band over their brief history, including number of line-up changes where they are still searching for a permanent drummer even now - but with the leap to a new permanent home with Century Media Records, the band look hungrier and better backed than ever. Now with Black Crown Initiate in their strongest position to date and the extreme metal world eagerly watching and waiting, the big question is… has the wait been worth it?
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