ALBUM REVIEW: Sorority Noise – You’re Not As _____ As You Think

You're Not As _____ As You Think is a cathartic and ultimately uplifting third album from Sorority Noise. But it's more than just another punk album. An open and honest insight into faith and depression gives us a fresh take on old and familiar feeling and shows us that after everything has collapsed, it's possible to rebuild.
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LIVE REVIEW: The Front Bottoms, Gnarwolves, Apologies I Have None, O2 Forum, London, 03/12/2016

There aren't many shows that are guaranteed to be a good time, but The Front Bottoms is one of them. Even if you end up losing your Oyster card and getting beer spilled on your new skirt, their heartfelt and upbeat punk could literally cure any blues. Tonight we see them headline the O2 Forum Kentish Town in London and one thing's for sure: no matter how big they get, they'll always put on an amazing, sincere show.

ALBUM REVIEW: Joyce Manor – Cody

Cody is without a doubt Joyce Manor's most mature work, but that sounds like we're calling their previous records immature, when they were the exact opposite. In fact, we loved Joyce Manor for being some of the most self-aware punk out there. The band seem to have lost that a bit, and settled into a groove which is slightly more predictable. All the same, these new songs retain the band's signature honesty and lyrical finesse, and feels like a very much needed bridge into whatever they're going to do next.

EP REVIEW: Kamikaze Girls – Sad

Leeds and London duo Kamikaze Girls have recently released their highly anticipated 5 track EP, Sad. The songs are immense: as though weighed down by thought and experience. Intense and dark, Kamikaze Girls aren't for everyone, but are sure to strike a chord with any receptive fan.

EP REVIEW: Brawlers – The Black EP

Brawlers have always been the kind of band that does what it says on the tin. Punk music may be oversaturated with songs about getting wasted and waiting for girls to text you back, but at least Brawlers do this exact thing rather well.

ALBUM REVIEW: Beach Slang – A Loud Bash Of Teenage Feelings

You only need to look at the success of Netflix's Stranger Things and the sudden obsession with corduroy miniskirts to see that there's been a rise in 80s nostalgia culture. It's no wonder, then, that Philadelphia quartet Beach Slang have captured the hearts of punk rockers young and old with their new album 'A Loud Bash Of Teenage Feelings'.

ALBUM REVIEW: Happy Accidents – You Might Be Right

You Might Be Right contains a huge amount of depth for a debut record, and you could spent so much time unpacking Mandell's lyrics and delighting in the excellent instrumentation all round that, if you're looking for clear cut summer hits, you should probably go get your fix elsewhere and leave us indie kids to moodily do the sock hop in peace.
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