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LIVE REVIEW: Normandie, Breathe In The Silence, Retro Bar, Manchester, 20/07/2016

Upon the release of their debut album INGUZ, it seemed that things started to click for Swedish band Normandie. Not only did the band hit the Billboard Charts with force, they were also announced as UK tour support for pop-punk veterans Yellowcard on their farewell tour. Ahead of their huge support slot, the band set out to the UK on their first headliner in July. We went to the Manchester date to check them out!

ALBUM REVIEW: Tiny Moving Parts – Celebrate

Whilst Tiny Moving Parts have been somewhat of a cult band for some time now, it wasn't until their 2015 support slot for Modern Baseball and Into It. Over It. that the UK emo scene started to stand-up and pay close attention. A year on from their successful UK tour, the Minnesota band have released their third studio album, Celebrate.

ALBUM REVIEW: Pity Sex – White Hot Moon

The term "emo revival" is thrown around a lot these days, and more often than not it is met by cynicism and a sense that the word emo and the heartbroken dudes that come along with it, is something that should be left in 2005. Whilst there’s reason behind the cynicism, it’s bands such as Pity Sex that are proving that there is still a place for emo, and that it is a genre that can look past the teen angst and become something more mature.

ALBUM REVIEW: Into It. Over It. – Standards

Evan Thomas Weiss’ Into It. Over It. project is considered one of the leading acts of the “emo revival.” 2013’s Intersections saw Weiss at a forefront of a genre thought to be stuck in 2005, and in a sense revolutionising it. Now, the Chicago-based singer is back with his third studio release, Standards.
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